Achieving True Life Balance

With a holistic approach to health and wellness

At Total Health Concepts, LLC, we help clients achieve life balance by encouraging emotional and physical healing. Our caring, team-based approach to therapy integrates counseling, nutrition, yoga, and recovery coaching to address the whole person, relationships, and living environment.

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Take Charge of Your Life with Total Health Concepts
Total Health Concepts is more than just a counseling center. We offer comprehensive services to address underlying physical and emotional issues, teach life skills, and help you along your therapeutic journey.

Our Goals

Total Health Concepts puts its team of highly-experienced counselors to work, helping our clients improve their health and come to terms with their own psychological triggers, in order to live a fuller life.

What We Do

Our services are designed to help clients grapple with the complicated issue of their own physical health, and how it connects with their mental wellbeing. We address the emotional needs of our clients while emphasizing that they are always connected to their physical health, in one way or another.


Therapies cover individual counseling, couples therapy, family and group work, as well as experiential and expressive therapies.

Transitional Outpatients

We offer outpatient transitioning for patients concerned about the pressure of taking their lifestyles back out into the world outside.

Physical Therapies

Approaching your body from a physical level, we offer yoga and meditation, nutrition therapy, and recovery coaching.

Healing and Support For

Disordered eating, trauma, addictions, and anxiety and depression are all covered by our comprehensive healing and support services.

Services Offered


Approaching Your Health Differently

At Total Health Concepts, we offer comprehensive and holistic health services to help our patients overcome their physical and psychological stoppages, getting to the root of their poor health in a more meaningful way.

It’s our experience that simply cutting off access to food or forcing yourself to behave in some alien way is, usually, just a temporary solution. You need health services that address the causes behind your problem. That’s the core of our operation, at Total Health Concepts.


Therapeutic and Nutrition Counseling

The two most important pillars in any health plan are therapy and nutrition counseling. Our goal is to help you understand why you behave in certain ways, and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Disorder Counseling

More people in the United States live with eating disorders than you might realise. We help you identify the ways your eating habits are working against you, and how they relate to you as a person.

Fitness, Movement, And Coaching

Building your skills up so you can confidently work out and take charge of your body is an important step, and is actually often overlooked. We’re here to help you.


There’s nothing better for learning a new skill or lifestyle than getting to interact with a group of like-minded individuals who want to help. Our workshops help you kickstart your healthy living.

What our customers say

Client Testimonials

Considering working with Total Health Concepts, but still not sure? Check out some of these kind words from our clients.

Total Health Concepts helped me turn my entire life around. From beginning to end.
Ruth S
Vienna, VA