Groups & Programs

Support Groups

We offer ongoing, small personalized groups which promote safe, confidential communications, a positive form of socialization, and interpersonal connection.

Teen Group (grades 9-12th)

Topics: Teenage years are often very confusing for the young men and women living through them. Our qualified professionals help teens with self-esteem, communication, assertiveness, family issues, and socialization.

Young Adult Group

Topics: Young adulthood can be a very difficult time in anybody’s life. Qualified therapists help clients manage self-esteem, breaking away, breaking away from the family, confidence, and competency, so you can manage your transition into adulthood better.

Adult Women’s Group

Topics: A support group for helping women process and work through various physical and mental conditions. Heal your inner child, break unhealthy coping mechanisms, work through relationship issues. Develop healthy intimacy and come to terms with questions of weight and body image with the help of professional therapists.

Disordered Eating Support Group

Topics: A processing group that helps bring awareness of triggers, separate food from emotion, and address body image issues. Professional therapists help clients distinguish between healthy decision, irrational thoughts, and self-destructive behaviors.

Addictions Counseling

Topics: A professionally-run support group. Discover a safe environment to share issues, receive helpful peer feedback, and learn healthy coping skills. Learn about triggers, anxiety and depression symptoms, and discuss relapse prevention with professionals.

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