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Workshops & Retreats

By: thc
March 16, 2018
Our energizing presentations take an integrative approach to addressing internal barriers, external motivations, and environmental factors. We combine coaching techniques with multidisciplinary experience to engage audiences, empower them to take...

Yoga & Movement

By: thc
March 15, 2018
Movement therapy to connect with your mind and body. To “move is to feel” and make emotional changes. We help clients listen to their body, reconnect to their physical and...

Coaching & Skill Building

By: thc
March 14, 2018
Parent Skill Building Use positive parenting strategies to connect with children and create a happy home. Identify parenting values/roles Learn to promote healthy behavior in children Encourage the development of...

Nutrition Counseling

By: thc
March 13, 2018
If we truly listened to our body – ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full – most of us would be at a healthy weight.  Hard...

Addictions Counseling

By: thc
March 12, 2018
Asking for help can be hard, especially for individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. We understand the guilt and shame that is often experienced by those with addiction issues and offer a safe, judgment-free environment to help you...

Eating Disorders

By: thc
March 11, 2018
Bridging the gap between inpatient and independence… Completing an inpatient treatment is just the first step on the road to recovery from eating disorders. Our Intensive Outpatient Transitional Program helps...

Therapeutic Counseling

By: thc
March 10, 2018
Are you ready to create healthy connections? Total Health Concepts is here to help. We integrate therapeutic counseling for individuals, couples, and families; coaching and skill building; group support; and...