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Family Therapy and Counseling

By: thc
June 21, 2018
Mental and emotional traumas often affect the whole family. We carry these traumas throughout life until we address them and deal with the deeper wounds. Each family member is often...

Discover the Benefits of Yoga With Total Health Concepts

By: thc
June 18, 2018
Join us today, as we unpack five important benefits of yoga for your life in another great Total Health Concepts blog. Benefits of Yoga: The Truth Yoga Relieves Stress and Anxiety...

Total Health Concepts Post Rehab Specialist Vienna: Helping You Reintegrate

By: thc
June 12, 2018
Addictions are a much more common issue than many of us may think. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that, in 2014, 21.5 million adults battled...

Mental Health Month

By: thc
May 17, 2018
When we talk about our health, a few words tend to come up before mental health.   Exercise. Diets. Training, nutrition, and that dreaded gym contract, for instance. All of...