Kahdeem George, MS, Resident in Counseling

Kahdeem is a Resident in Counseling approved by the Virginia Board of Counseling and is working towards licensure. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology located in the District of Columbia. He has over nine years of experience working in diverse settings including outpatient, community, residential, intensive home-based, and schools. Kahdeem has experience working with children, teens, families, adults, couples, juvenile delinquents, offenders, and LGBTQIA clients. His goal is to help empower individuals.
His ideal client is one who searches for constant personal development, emotional growth and spiritual growth. His focal point is to help clients address underlying issues and foster healing. He believes that the therapeutic process will help clients move towards their goals while gaining a better understanding of self and finding their purpose.
His core focus is rooted in humanistic and existential therapy to increase client self-awareness and self-understanding while cultivating acceptance, growth, responsibility, and freedom. His therapeutic style can be described as compassionate with unconditional positive regard, inspirational and empathic understanding.

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