Psychotherapist, Registered Dietitian & Eating Disorder Specialist

Virginia Inglese, MA, RD, LCSW, CLC, CEDS

Virginia Inglese, MA, RD, LCSW, CLC, CEDS

Virginia started Total Health Concepts Counseling and Health Center as a way to combine physical and emotional healing.

She is a licensed trauma-informed (EMDR certified) mental health therapist and registered licensed dietitian, specializing in healing families, empowering teens, and launching young adults.  She also works to help heal couples’ relationships, building intimacy, improving communications and overcoming marital communication.

In her work healing families, she focuses on enhancing communication, creating healthy connections, and refining parenting skills. In consultation with teenagers, Ginny shifts her focus to helping them cope with anxiety and depression, as well as peer and social pressures. Finally, when launching young adults, her goal is building confidence, competence, and self-esteem to help clients realize their inner strengths and true self.

* Chantilly, VA and Vienna, VA Offices

A Closer Look

Ginny helps to guide clients in creating personal balance and intimacy and improving their overall health. She helps enhance personal and professional relationships, empowering people to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

She performs seminars and workshops, nationwide.

With over 33 years’ of experience and combined degrees in physical and emotional health, her primary areas of expertise include:

  • Couple & Family relationships
  • Eating Disorders & Weight Management
  • Stress, Anxiety & Life Transitions
  • Yoga & Movement Therapy


Virginia works with individuals, couples, families, and groups to help them develop tools for self-care. She also has a Masters degree in sports medicine and is a certified yoga teacher and dance movement therapist. With these qualifications, she works to release physical and emotional pain in the body through yoga, movement, and pressure point therapy.

A Word On Yoga

Yoga and bodywork therapy help to heal the mind and soul through movement and Ginny uses these to help clients improve their overall health. This exercise is specifically tailored to help release traumas and physical and emotional pain, all of which is stored in the body.

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