Individual Therapy

Therapy for Adults

Individual Adult Therapy is affective only if the client develops a therapeutic relationship with their therapist based on establishing trust, creating a safe space, and feeling heard and validated. The therapist will explore underlying feelings and issues related to past traumas, life events, and experiences.

At Total Health Concepts, Individual Adult Therapy helps to:

Therapy for Children & Teens

Individual therapy for children and teens focuses on addressing negative behaviors and identifying underlying emotional, cognitive, and physical issues. Behaviors often addressed include tantrums, anger, self-harming, disordered eating, anxiety, school performance, depression, and suicidal ideation.

At Total Health Concepts, Children and Teens Therapy helps to: 

Therapy for Young Adults

Individual therapy for young adults addresses core issues underlying self-harming  behaviors, low self-esteem, difficulty with independent living, and relationship issues. Individuals learn healthy life skills and   discover their true self and identity.

At Total Health Concepts, Young Adult Therapy helps to: