Therapy Groups

We offer ongoing, small, personalized groups which promote safe, confidential communications, a positive form of socialization, and interpersonal connection.

At Total Health Concepts, Therapy Groups offered include:

Teen Eating Disorder Group, “Finding Your Voice”: Tues. 5-6:15pm

Summary: This process groups focuses on female teens who are struggling with disordered eating, family relationships, peer, school, and social support

Topics: Family, communication, peer acceptance, relationships, school struggles and pressures, sports, healthy boundaries, anxiety, depression, nutrition, self-care, gender identity, resiliency, and bullying

Who may benefit: High School ages(13-18years old), currently in individual therapy, those struggling with disordered eating, low self-esteem, difficulty expressing feelings, and stressed family relationships

Young Adult Eating Disorder Group, “Free To Be Me”: Wed. 7-8:15pm

Summary: This process group helps young adult women who are struggling with disordered eating, relationships, and individuating and separating from families of origin or having difficulty with launching. This is a therapy group to explore self-esteem, empowerment, expressing feelings, provide support, and encourage group interaction. The purpose of the group is recovery and healing and to let go of negative self-harming behaviors, promote positive self-talk, independence, and self-care.

Topics: Interpersonal issues, expressing feelings, relationships, connection to one’s body, self-image, life skills, working towards greater independence, career path guidance, individuation, and identity.

Who may benefit: Young adults ages (18-25, up to 30 years old based on an assessment), young women, struggling with eating disorder recovery, and currently in individual therapy.

Adolescent DBT Group, “DBT Skills Training”: Wed. 5-6:15pm

Summary: The goal of DBT Skills Training is to help individuals change behavioral, emotional, thinking, and interpersonal problems that interfere with day-to-day life. Over the course of 18 weeks, adolescents and their parents will learn emotional, behavioral, and cognitive skills such as core mindfulness, distress tolerance, walking the middle path, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Topics: Mindfulness, distress tolerance, the Wise Mind, DBT skills, thinking mistakes, validation, behavioral changes, sleep hygiene, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships, goals, and boundaries.

Who may benefit: Adolescents ages (10-16 years old) and their parents, who need skills and support with communication, parent-child interaction, improving boundaries, structure and behaviors.

Adult Women’s Group, “Women’s Empowerment”: Mon. 5-6:15pm

Summary: This is a process-oriented support group for women who struggle with binge or disordered eating, using food to numb or distract from feelings, and avoid living their life.

Topics: Empowerment, relationships, self-esteem, positive body image, shame, Trauma, finding one’s true self, listening to one’s inner child, gratitude, empathy, core beliefs, self-care, and positive coping skills.

Who may benefit: Women (30+ years old), struggling with self-esteem, body image, weight issues, history of trauma and/or abuse, using food or self-harming behaviors to numb, currently in individual therapy and have been working on their underlying issues, and/or actively dealing with binge eating disorder and anxiety.

Family/Parent Support Group, “Healthy Connections”: Wed. 6:15-7:30pm

Summary: For families who are struggling with mental health; specific to families that have children are in therapy for unhealthy patterns of behavior. Helping families through the treatment process. Supporting parents and family through the treatment process. Teaching tools and coping skills. Teaching how to best support their child in treatment. Learning effective communication skills and how to listen and validate their children. Address family systems, structure, and boundaries.

Topics: Parenting attachment styles, eating disorders, family systems, self-harm, substance use, attachment styles, stages of development, boundaries, communication, (EFT) Emotion Focused Therapy, parenting/coparenting skills, and managing fear and anxiety

Who may benefit: Parents of teens and young adults that struggle with communication with their kids, kids acting out with self-harming behaviors, couples who are struggling with co-parenting, parents who are new to mental health treatment, and/or need for better structure, boundaries and support

Adult Addictions Group, “Recovery & Support”: Mondays 7:00pm

Summary: Discover a safe environment to share issues, receive helpful peer feedback, and learn healthy coping skills. Peer-support and self-management to empower each other and themselves through sharing personal experiences about addiction. Group is open to adults who are in recovery from substance and behavioral addiction. Recovery tools will be implemented through psychoeducation and holistic interventions.

Topics: Emotional and physical triggers, anxiety and depression, trauma, self-sabotaging behaviors, co-dependency, family systems, healthy relationships, coping skills, relapse prevention, and peer support

Who may benefit: Clients who are stabilized in their recovery, attending NA/AA meetings weekly, consistent and committed to their recovery, and craving support and connection

Gender Affirmation Group: TBD

Summary: Total Health Concepts invites all gender-nonconforming and transgender individuals to join like-minded and supportive peers in a small group setting. This group will be a safe space for individuals to discuss navigating the challenges they experience in life. This group aims to foster connection and build a sense of community among individuals. The group will give individuals a space to tell their stories and learn from the stories of others.

Topics: We will discuss skills and techniques to help regulate mood and improve communication. Some topics may include, gender identity, sexuality, acceptance, depression, anxiety, trauma, support system, positive coping skills, transformation, as well as other topics that are important to the specific group

Who may benefit: Clients who are open and supportive of all members who are either affirming, transforming, transitioning, or questioning their identity

Men’s Support Group: TBD

Summary: This is a process-oriented support group for men who want support and community and address issues specific to men.

Topics: Empowerment, relationships, sex and intimacy, communication, career and purpose, trauma, self-care, parenting, and positive coping skills

Who may benefit: Men (30+ years old), with a desire for personal growth, openness to learning, need for community and interest in supporting others


Total Health Concepts is offering teletherapy through video and/or phone to all who want to be seen during this time as well as in person at our Vienna Office, located at 410 Pine Street, Suite 150, Vienna, Virginia 22180.

We are a provider for Carefirst/BlueCross and Tricare. We are still accepting new clients and are offering phone and video sessions via Zoom and in person.