Trauma-Informed Therapy


Effective psychotherapy proven to help individuals recover from trauma and other distressing life events, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. EMDR focuses on addressing the emotions, thoughts and behaviors stored in the body. There are varying degrees of emotional and physical trauma that consciously and unconsciously impact the individual’s well-being.

Our trauma informed therapists create a safe space to help individuals process past, present, and future events and images.

Trauma is processed and healed using EMDR:

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Healing starts within….

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an approach to psychotherapy that identifies and addresses multiple sub-personalities or internal family (parts) within each person’s mental schema.

Our trauma-informed therapists can help individuals heal their emotional wounds by building trust and creating a healthy attachment. The parts that are holding the pain and trauma can begin the healing process with empathy and compassion. Our team helps communicate with the parts, addressing vulnerability, boundaries, and intimacy, which helps them find their true self and move forward and become who they really are.

Parts can be healed, transformed, and better managed by the Self, achieving the goals of IFS:

Mind-Body Therapies

Somatic Therapy to relieve stress, anxiety and trauma stored in the body. Relief from trauma symptoms such as sleep disorders, GI disorders, migraines, relationship intimacy issues, disordered eating and self-harming behaviors. Managing anxiety and depression through body work can help emotional regulation.

Mind-Body techniques are a form of release and relaxation to reduce the stress which can lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

Our team offers Mind-Body Therapies including:


Total Health Concepts is offering teletherapy through video and/or phone to all who want to be seen during this time as well as in person at our Vienna Office, located at 410 Pine Street, Suite 150, Vienna, Virginia 22180.

We are a provider for Carefirst/BlueCross and Tricare. We are still accepting new clients and are offering phone and video sessions via Zoom and in person.