Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

If we truly listened to our body – ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full – most of us would be at a healthy weight.
Hard to believe? Think about a newborn. When they are hungry they cry and when they are full they push away from the bottle or the nipple. Most babies are able to follow their healthy growth curve. For many, the ability to truly listen to hunger and fullness has been inhibited by busy schedules, stress and emotions, availability of certain foods, and a simple lack of nutritional knowledge.

No matter your reason for struggling with weight, body image, and other nutritional concerns, let us help guide you back to our bodies natural capabilities.

We tailor your individual needs based on the understanding that everyone has different nutritional needs and goals. Whether it be sports nutrition, gastrointestinal issues, disordered eating, diabetes, or other medical issues – our team of experienced Registered Dietitians can help formulate the right plan that fits you.
Our nutrition counseling services address client’s specific physical and emotional needs, behaviors and symptoms.

We guide you through the following processes, to:

Recovery Coaching

Meal Support: eating with our recovery coach to process feelings, identify triggers and challenge food rules and rituals.

Accountability Record: journaling food/ feelings/ hunger scale

Small, weekly goals to foster realistic life changes and long-term recovery

We specialize in:


Total Health Concepts is offering teletherapy through video and/or phone to all who want to be seen during this time as well as in person at our Vienna Office, located at 410 Pine Street, Suite 150, Vienna, Virginia 22180.

We are a provider for Carefirst/BlueCross and Tricare. We are still accepting new clients and are offering phone and video sessions via Zoom and in person.