National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicidal thoughts are often a common symptom of depression and are something many people live with, every day. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 9.3 million adults reported having suicidal thoughts in 2015.  For further clarification, this amounts to roughly 3.9% of the adult U.S. population at that time, which […]

Massage Therapy to Release Stress, Anxiety and Promote Healing

Daily living creates a lot of opportunities for chronic illnesses and pain. Whether you’re lifting heavy objects or sitting at a desk for long hours without moving, the cumulative effects of a sedentary life can add up to something painful. Many people turn to massage therapy to help them manage stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. […]

Five Good Yoga Postures For Bad Posture

Yoga is an ancient practice that has regained vitality in the modern age. The origins of Yoga date anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. Yoga postures today are used by thousands of people around the world, for various reasons. Most see it as a good way to relieve stress. “Take a deep breath in […]

Relationship Enhancement for Couples

Relationships are essential for growth, healing, and recovery. They teach us communication and how to express our needs and feelings. This starts in the family of origin with those relationships serving as the foundation of our core experiences. Hence, they influence our beliefs, how we cope and look at the world. Healthy relationships foster trust, […]

Disordered Eating: A Closer Look

disordered eating

Disordered Eating manifests as a range of symptoms and diagnoses, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, severely picky eating, or binge eating disorder. What makes Disordered Eating difficult to identify is that we live in a society preoccupied with food and eating. What seems like relatively harmless dietary restrictions or weight fluctuations could be […]

Teens in Crisis: Five Problems That Can Become Serious Issues

teens in crisis

Teenage years can be hard on anybody. Your body is flooded with hormones, you’re given more responsibilities, and there is new pressure on you to choose a life direction. It’s a confusing time, but for some teenagers, it can become a much more stressful experience. Anxiety and depression can develop and the effects can be […]

The Transitional Outpatient Program From Total Health Concepts

Outpatient Program

At Total Health Concepts, LLC, we offer support for individuals and families suffering from eating disorders, addictions, and trauma. An outpatient program is your way of making sure all the hard work you put into your recovery process isn’t jeapordized when you leave to go back to the “real” world. The path to recovery is different […]

Family Therapy and Counseling

family counseling

Mental and emotional traumas often affect the whole family. We carry these traumas throughout life until we address them and deal with the deeper wounds. Each family member is often affected in their own way and needs to recover at their own pace in their own time. What we don’t address in our families of […]

Yoga Chesapeake Beach and Vienna | Total Health Concepts

benefits of yoga

Join us today, as we unpack five important reasons why finding yoga Chesapeake Beach services can have a real impact on your life in another great Total Health Concepts blog. Benefits of Yoga: The Truth Yoga Relieves Stress and Anxiety One of yoga’s biggest benefits is in fighting the effects of stress and anxiety. This is more […]

Total Health Concepts Post Rehab Specialist Vienna: Helping You Reintegrate

Post Rehab Specialist Vienna

Addictions are a much more common issue than many of us may think. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that, in 2014, 21.5 million adults battled substance abuse problems. A huge percentage of these people struggled with alcohol, and over 7 million Americans battled drug addiction. And that’s not even counting […]


Total Health Concepts is offering teletherapy through video and/or phone to all who want to be seen during this time as well as in person at our Vienna Office, located at 410 Pine Street, Suite 150, Vienna, Virginia 22180.

We are a provider for Carefirst/BlueCross and Tricare. We are still accepting new clients and are offering phone and video sessions via Zoom and in person.