Relationship Enhancement for Couples

Relationship Enhancement for Couples

Relationships are essential for growth, healing, and recovery. They teach us communication and how to express our needs and feelings. This starts in the family of origin with those relationships serving as the foundation of our core experiences. Hence, they influence our beliefs, how we cope and look at the world.

Healthy relationships foster trust, intimacy and true connection. As a result, they help us feel wanted, valued and desired. And yet, so often, we allow these relationships to fail. They become distant, stagnant, and grow apart and we struggle to understand why.

Join us, today, as we explore the benefits of relationship enhancement therapy services from Total Health Concepts.

Relationship Enhancement Therapy

Relationship enhancement therapy is designed to help couples develop the communication and listening skills needed to understand each other’s needs. Each partner learns empathy, validation, and emotional connection.

Couples need to understand themselves, first. Knowing, loving and accepting yourself is essential to connect with your partner.


  • Emotion-Focused Therapy

    Emotion-focused therapy helps to deepen your understanding of your partner. Partners are able to feel safe to explore their feelings instead of having to react to them or defend themselves.


  • Enhancing Communications

    Healthy communication is the key to any positive, lasting relationship. Couples therapy from Total Health Concepts helps to create an atmosphere of honest, safe communication between each partner. This helps to build trust and intimacy. Likewise, it helps to establish a better emotional connection.


  • Healing Old Wounds and Letting Go of Anger and Pain

    Because most couples have underlying core issues from their past, conflicts can arise in new relationships. With this in mind, couples therapy helps to identify triggers, learn techniques to let go of anger, sadness, or pain, and build healthy coping skills.


  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries

    Healthy couples need healthy boundaries to respect each other and also keep the couple’s space sacred and not violated with life issues that drain the relationship. Knowing your physical and emotional needs helps to establish healthy boundaries and self-care. As a result, partners should practice setting personal limits and expressing their needs and wants. Boundaries create more time and energy for self-care and help to cope with life stress.


  • Building Physical and Emotional IntimacyIntimacy is an essential element in a healthy relationship. Intimacy needs to take the form of both physical and emotional closeness, and this vulnerability can make or break a relationship. At Total Health Concepts, we help couples develop this intimacy as a core foundation for their relationship.


Reclaim Your Relationship, With Total Health Concepts

Above all else, being in a relationship is complicated. As individuals, we spend a lifetime understanding, developing and defining our own personality and uniqueness. In contrast to this, becoming part of a couple means connecting to an entire other individual, their personality, perspective, and feelings, to understand and compliment each other on their life journey.

As a result, even partners in the strongest relationship can find themselves in need of relationship therapy.

Are you interested in relationship enhancement for couples? Get in touch with Total Health Concepts, and discover our comprehensive therapy services in Maryland and Virginia, today!

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