Total Health Concepts Post Rehab Specialist Vienna: Helping You Reintegrate

Total Health Concepts Post Rehab Specialist Vienna: Helping You Reintegrate

Addictions are a much more common issue than many of us may think. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that, in 2014, 21.5 million adults battled substance abuse problems. A huge percentage of these people struggled with alcohol, and over 7 million Americans battled drug addiction. And that’s not even counting the family members who helped them recover. Helping someone close to you cope with a drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult, yet thousands of people struggle with this problem every day. While there are dozens of great resources for addicts struggling with substance abuse, it’s often the family members who need the most help. Join us, today, as we unpack five ways to help your friends and family as they work through their addiction. And, if you’re looking for therapy for family members or a post rehab specialist Vienna, get in touch with us to find out more about our addictions counseling services, today.  

Post Rehab Specialist Vienna

Educate Yourself

Sun Tzu famously said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” It’s important to treat your family member’s addiction in this same way – the more you study it, the more you’ll know, and the better you’ll be able to support them. And, when we say there are more resources online dealing with every form of substance abuse out there, we’re not exaggerating. Blogs, medical journals, and online publications are great resources for in-depth studies on drug abuse. Don’t be afraid to be a little obsessive. If you have a family member who is struggling with addiction, one of the best favors you can for them is to understand what they’re going through. Regardless of the problem, the more you know about it, the easier it will be to live with and around.


One of the big problems with addiction is that it almost always affects everyone involved. If you’re close to someone struggling with drugs or alcohol, it can feel like you’re the one really struggling. Often this comes from trying to support them “all on your own”. From being too embarrassed to ask for help, or simply not knowing where to find it. This is a dangerous path to take, as the responsibility ends up all on your shoulders. And, for an average person who isn’t an expert in dealing with addiction, this can leave them with few or no options to provide help. Fight against isolation by finding local meetings or online groups for families of addicts, such as Al-Anon. Trade stories, ask for advice, find local groups (like our addictions counseling and post rehab specialist Vienna services) and hear out other people in your situation. You may not “feel” like you play well with others, but having someone to open up to is important.

Encourage Therapy

This may be one of the most difficult steps to take as the friend or family of someone with an addiction. More often than not, addicts will not respond well to the idea of therapy (or they just won’t be interested at all). Try to help them consider the pros and cons of seeking therapy. Keep in mind, as well, that therapy isn’t only for them. Family members bear a lot of undue responsibility during an addiction. This can result in feelings of guilt and distance, which are unhealthy. Remember: it’s not your job to “fix” your family member, and you aren’t to blame for their actions. Seek out support groups and encourage your addicted family member to attend therapy. If you feel up to it, consider a family therapy program. These are designed to help break down the walls and allow you to talk through your issues in a healthy environment. Post-rehab treatment and addictions counseling also help addicts reintegrate into their previous lives after a period away. This can be extremely helpful, as the return can be a shock to their system.

Set Your Expectations Carefully

An unfortunate truth about addiction therapy is, like most therapies, there are no instant results. It can take a long time to see any real results, and this often leads to a certain degree of disappointment from the family. Keep in mind, though, that you’re working through problems that have deep roots and that every step forward is important, even if it’s a small one. Addicts will not start behaving perfectly after one week, and if your trust has been broken, it’s not likely to snap back immediately either. Al-Anon is a worldwide recovery group and not-for-profit that helps recovering addicts recover. They’re an amazing organization, but even they give out badges for “making it” to 50 days sober. This is a process, and addicts can be very likely to slip up during this time. It’s to be expected, so don’t be too hard on them or yourself if they relapse. Finally, remember that rehabilitation isn’t the last stop. Many times, patients will require post rehab services to help them reintegrate back into their own lives.

Regular Exercise

This is a simple coping skill, but so effective. The impact a good workout schedule can have on the human body is incredible. The health benefits of regular exercise on the human body are well documented. It has extraordinary potential to improve your health in the following ways:
  • Regular exercise lowers stress and mitigates the effects of depression
  • Consistent stretching prompts the release of pleasure chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. These are often lacking while addicts go through withdrawal, making exercise a good substitute.
  • It’s a non-verbal form of release, meaning any pent-up stress you may have can get “left on the track”. In a stressed-out household, this can be invaluable.
  • Healthy behaviors encourage us to live healthy lives. If you’re losing weight and looking good, you’ll be less likely to want to ruin that with binge drinking or drugs.

Total Health Concepts: Post Rehab Specialist Vienna

When dealing with someone else’s addiction, it can be easy to feel isolated and hopeless. Always remember, though, that there are resources and thousands of people out there going through the same thing you are. Get online, get involved, and work hard at understanding the addiction you’re dealing with. Because you can’t beat something you don’t understand. If you are considering counseling for yourself or a loved one struggling with substance abuse, get in touch with Total Health Concepts today. Our post rehab specialist Vienna services include:
  • individual counseling for clients currently struggling with addiction, providing assessments and recommendations for treatment or outpatient status
  • individual counseling for family members of alcoholics or drug addicts
  • post-rehab counseling upon completion of a residential or intensive outpatient treatment program, for those who want to continue working on issues identified during treatment, triggers and relapse prevention, or who need help staying on track with their recovery. Our post-rehab counseling consists of both individual and group therapy.

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