Five Good Yoga Postures For Bad Posture

Five Good Yoga Postures For Bad Posture

Yoga is an ancient practice that has regained vitality in the modern age. The origins of Yoga date anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. Yoga postures today are used by thousands of people around the world, for various reasons. Most see it as a good way to relieve stress. “Take a deep breath in and breathe out the negativity.” This is a powerful benefit of the practice. Others approach it with a spiritual connotation. They want their life’s essence, chi, vitality, etc to run freely. One benefit that is often overlooked though are the physical ones. Practicing yoga improves flexibility and loosens our joints. Our muscles grow stronger and we can breathe easier. The physical benefit we are approaching today, is building core strength. Core strength builds our balance and stability. These things help us in our everyday lives. Below we will look at 5 yoga postures. Each one designed to build core strength.

Cosmic Egg Pose

cosmic egg
The cosmic egg pose works well for warming up.
The Cosmic Egg is a simple pose, yet great for warming up and building balance. Just focus on steady breathing and stay upright.
  1. Begin in a seated position
  2. Bring your knees together and up to your chest, wrapping your arms around your legs
  3. Lift your feet up and off the ground, before leaning backward
  4. Find your balance
  5. Straighten your back, keeping your core muscles engaged
  6. Roll back your shoulders, keeping your head facing forward
  7. Hold this position for ten breaths

Boat Pose (Navasana)

In terms of yoga poses that boost core strength, boat pose is a classic. It’s a strengthening pose that works for both the abdominal muscles and hip flexors.
Boat pose is a classic core strengthening exercise.
  1. Start seated, drawing your knees up to your chest
  2. Pull your legs into your belly, and pull your belly in and upward to activate your core
  3. Lift both feet off the ground
  4. Find your center of balance on your tailbone
  5. Next, straighten your legs, or option to keep knees bent
  6. Keep your back lengthened and your arms parallel with the floor
  7. Hold this pose for ten breaths (or until you can’t hold the form properly anymore)

Plank Pose

Planking is gaining a lot of popularity as a strength pose in the yoga community
Planking is one of the most impactful core strength exercises there is. It’s a simple pose, fantastic for strengthening your core and total body, without any complex positions or repetitive, damaging movements necessary.
  1. Begin in a tabletop position, your hands under your shoulders before spreading your fingers out as wide as possible.
  2. Press your hands into the ground beneath you, spreading your shoulders apart as you do so
  3. Tuck in your toes, lifting your knees as you step back your feet back, creating a straight line with your body, from shoulders to heels
  4. Don’t let your hips sag low or lift too high. This should look like an extended pushup position
  5. Hold for ten breaths (or until you can’t hold the form properly anymore)

Forearm Plank

Forearm planks are extremely similar to the standard plank described above, but moderately more challenging, making them great for building up strength and endurance. To execute this pose, repeat the steps for a plank pose, but rest on the lengths of your bent forearms instead of the palms of your hands. Your shoulders should be in line with your bent elbows. Your arms will rest in front of you and your torso elevated off the ground.
forearm plank
A more challenging option for lovers of the plank position

Fallen Triangle With Leg Lift

Our final pose is an excellent example of using strength to help improve posture and balance. Fallen Triangle with Leg Lift.
fallen triangle
The fallen triangle with leg lift works well for strength as well as posture training.
  1. Begin with Downward Facing Dog, then lift your right knee in a crunch towards your chest
  2. Pivot to left side, bringing your left heel to the floor, extend and lift your right leg in front and lifting your left arm straight up in the air
  3. Keep a strong core
  4. Stack both of your shoulders in a vertical line over your right wrist
  5. Straightening your right leg behind you, with your right foot on the mat, maintain the lift in your left leg and arm for 5-10 breaths, or until you can’t anymore
  6. Repeat on your other side
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